What is MapMyworld and how does it work?

We take your special location maps and put them into your choice of shape and frame them, finished off with a personal inscription of your choice.

Step 1 - Choose your frame

Step 2 - tell us what map area (anywhere in the world) has a special meaning. 1 map for each shape in your frame

step 3 - tell us what shape you want (we will get in touch if it doesn't look right).

Step 4 - tell us what personal inscription you would like.

How long will my order take to arrive?

On average it will take a week from order to delivery, but please allow 10 days. If your order is urgent, please message us and we can commit to earlier delivery dates where possible.

Can i collect my frame?

Feel free to arrange collection if you live locally or are passing.

What information do you need to get the location?

We just need the name of the town / city / country. If you want a specific street, then please give us details of that too. No need for map reference points.

How do i pay?

You can pay us through paypal on the website or if you want to use a cheque or BAC's please email us for details.

Can we work on new ideas?

Yes. We love new ideas. Please message us with what you want and we will try our best to come up with a solution. It might be a new shape, change of backing in the frame or different number of maps in a specific frame.

Is there a maximum word length for the inscription?

No. We will try and make it fit wherever possible. If it doesn't look right or it wont fit, we will contact you.

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